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Apr 24, 2020

Kevin recently joined Bloomdaddy on "Whats the Buzz"! 

Are you worried about your money? Have you checked your 401(k) lately? Do you know how much risk you are taking? Have you saved enough to retire in 2020? These are common questions that many others are asking themselves as well as gas prices plummet, the market is struggling to go back up and it seems we are headed towards uncertain times.  So, how can Kevin help you? 

First - you need a PLAN. If you already have one, Kevin can act as a second set of eyes, if you don't have one - YOU NEED ONE.

Kevin explains how his approach to building financial success is like being a contractor building your dream home. Kevin explains his process plus how his 6 pillars to a successful retirement can help you get on track, stay on track and reach that retirement finish line with confidence! 

Contact Kevin today and setup a virtual meeting today!